Monday, June 8, 2009

Raspberry Fun

As we drive I,ve discovered that I can make blog posts from my red Blackberry "Raspberry". Beginning to understand the "crackberry" addiction. :-)
We've been visiting with family over the weekend. Stopped in a park in Little Rock that was in the opening scene of Gone With the Wind.

A young family expressed interest in me as a photographer so I stopped and we had a short informal photo shoot. Very fun.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today I had the opportunity to take pictures at a local VBS. The assignment was to "take pictures of kids faces having fun". Perfect. A couple of hours into the project, I was being called "The Picture Lady". The kids were such a delight - and getting "...faces having fun...." wasn't a problem at all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tired Little Baby

The mom is this photo asked me to remove the scratches from the baby's face. That, along with some color and exposure correction revealed a sweet little baby - a baby who is now 23 years old.

It's the Stories

It is the story behind the photograph that is particularly touching. Many of the stories shared with me are simply too personal for me to include in a forum like a blog. But the stories make the work I do even more meaningful.

Thanks to each of you who has shared their story with me. Thank you for trusting me with your vintage photographs. Thank you.

More Fire Damage

This is another photograph damaged by fire.

Combining Vintage with Current

This layout combines a heritage photograph, a letter she wrote to her mother-in-law, and a current photograph.

Fire Damage

This is a rather spectacular change. This is a photograph of a great grandmother taken in the early 1900's. It, along with several other photographs had been damaged in a fire. This restoration took a great deal of time since so much detail was obscured by the discoloration. It was worth every minute when I saw the reaction of the great granddaughter, and her grandmother.

Another School Day Picture

This School Day picture from the 1940's had been copied and the blacks in the image had turned blue. Color correcting it along with putting a bit more sparkle in his eyes made the daughter of this little boy (who would now be 80 years old) smile. (Notice his overalls.)

Like Mother, Like Daughter

The little baby on the left is now 30 years old. The baby on the right is the baby's baby. Happy Birthday, Shelley!

School Day Picture

This little 6 year old is now a grandmother. Her daughter brought this first grade picture to me to see if I could repair the cracks in the original.

Taking Someone Out

This is the first photograph I altered for someone else. The story is that the young woman in the before picture did not become the wife of the handsome young man.

His granddaughter wanted the picture of her grandfather - WITHOUT the mystery woman.