Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Best is Yet to Come

As soon as Liz told me she wanted pictures when the leaves changed for Fall, I began to imagine the shape of pumpkins and her tummy. I have known Ryan for a few years and it is such a blessing to have been part of his life, watching him mature into the husband (and soon-to-be-dad) that he is today. Liz is and has been from the beginning an answer to prayer. To see the two of them.....the almost three of them....all I can say is "wow"!

This little sign does truly sum up this stage of life:

To see more pictures, visit http://photosincontext.com and click "Recent Work"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long Overdue

Sandy, Thank you so much for your patience with your pictures. I know you are a historical purist regarding photographs so I created a version that is just like the original only without the age spots (wow, don't I wish it were that easy to eliminate my personal "age spots"!). However, I couldn't resist the opportunity to actually enhance this image.

I wanted the baby to have greater separation from the background. I also wanted to bring attention to him rather than to the surrounding detail. To do so, I "painted" over existing shadows and detail and then slightly darkened and blurred the background. The final version is 5x7, double the original size.

To finish, I scanned the back of the postcard and layered his name and the date as the title. As the last touch, I added the frame which draws even more attention to the baby. Again, don't worry, there is a version for the purist....

Monday, October 19, 2009

First Roll of Film

This pretty little lady above is my niece, the pictures shot with my first SLR with my first roll of film. Years later, (shall we reveal how many years, Shelley?) my niece had some pictures shot of her daughter. Little Lizzie's blue eyes reminded me so much of her mom's that I pulled my picture out to compare. I had to tweak exposure of my original a bit due to darkening of the print that had occurred over time, but other than that, my print is as shot. Here's the fun part - look at their eyes......baby Shelley and her baby, Lizzie........

btw: Shelley, your friend, another Beth, did a fantastic job with Lizzie's pictures!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Watch the Birdie"

I remember having my first grade picture taken. I wore a green plaid dress that was trimmed in rick rack and had a coordinating brown corduroy jumper. The dress had ties at the shoulders that kept the straps of my jumper from sliding down my arms. My Mama made it - she made all my clothes - and they were all creative and beautiful.

For my first grade picture, I remember being a little scared (deep down I'm a shy person - don't laugh - I really am) and as always, obedient (ok, really don't laugh!). The photographer simply said, "Watch the Birdie" so I did. Then it was over, and here I am, watching for the birdie.

I like to take a vintage picture (yep a picture of me is considered "vintage"....guess that makes me "vintage" too) and not only clean up the obvious flaws, but also brighten the eyes along with the overall image. Unfortunately, sometimes the color on my computer's screen doesn't match what shows up on blogger. The updated image really isn't washed out in print. It is just nicely brightened.

Friday, October 2, 2009

24 Years

In September, we celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary at The Dancing Bear, a wonderful lodge in Townsend, TN. Each night they built a fire in their outdoor fireplace and provided supplies for guests to make S'mores.

Although it rained much of the week, we had a fantastic time hiking in the Smoky Mountains.
We discovered that our jackets were "water resistant" rather than "water proof". We discovered how nice it is to have quick-dry clothing (remember "water-resistant"?). We saw bears. Yes, indeed, black bears in the wild. And when the day was over, we delighted in the atmosphere, the service, and the food at the Dancing Bear. (Thanks, Simon!)

For more information about the lodge visit http://www.dancingbearlodge.com/

Hope all of you have a great weekend!!