Monday, March 15, 2010

Then and Now

The original photograph is the only picture they had from when they got married, March 1940. The original is about 2.5 x 4.5" and had some mildew, creases, and one large crack running nearly the length of the image.

For their 70th wedding anniversary, their family wanted it enlarged to display. Unfortunately, I didn't have time before the event to scan and restore it.

With the reception starting in less than one hour, all I could do is take the original to an instant-print-kiosk, scan, use the machine's editing features, and print. (Gasp and Cringe! the crack also enlarged to a huge white streak!)

I brought it home with me to "fix" it. It is now cleaned up and re-sized as an 8 x 10 - crack gone. Mildew gone. Detail returned (check out her really cool hat and purse).

And to have the honor of both restoring a wedding picture AND photographing their 70th anniversary - priceless!

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