Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Those Eyes....That Smile!

Those Eyes....That Smile...put them together and what do you get???? A priceless expression!

This little baby and her mom (and dad, too) are so absolutely special....she will be dedicated to God on Mother's Day. Could that be any more wonderful?

All her pictures are posted in the "Slideshows" tab. Enjoy the many expressions of this sweet baby....

(PS Her expressions in the slideshow tell quite a story - and make me laugh out loud - LOVE this little girl!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Do You Scrapbook?"

When asked if I scrapbook, the simple answer is, "no". It's rather ironic, since I had the opportunity to spend two years working at Archiver's, a fabulous paper-crafting and scrapbook store. The ladies I had the pleasure of working with at the store, both employees and customers, create the most wonderful and inspiring scrapbook pages. I admire their work and appreciate the time, effort, and love that went into each layout.

Although I do have a few completed traditional scrapbooks, my primary interest has always been the photographs. Add to that my long term interest in computers, along with the need to generate multiple copies of my ancestry pages, and digital scrapbooking is a perfect fit.

Here is an example of a double-page spread I did recently of some of our family photographs.

I create each of these pages as 8x10's and upload them to a site where all my family members can print their own copies. This way, any work I do can easily be shared.

Whether your pictures are being preserved in a traditional album, a beautiful hand-crafted scrapbook, or as digital images, I encourage you to get those photographs out of boxes and ready to share.

Tell your story....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1920's Baby

The original image is very small - only 1.5 x 2.25 inches. The finished image is 5x7. I chose not to change the black stripe down the side or to crop the image. I kind of like the "not quite perfect" composition. Maybe I find it reassuring for all those shots of my own that I didn't get the composition quite right. Maybe someday someone will appreciate my slightly off center shots.

Look at that smile! Look at the sparkle in the baby's eyes. Who would ever guess that this baby is now a Grandfather! I am helping his daughter with a project for her dad. She is scrapbooking all his vintage photographs. Unfortunately, after her first compilation, which she had worked on with her grandmother, the scrapbooks suffered water damage. She has taken all the photographs out of the damaged books, and little by little she and I are restoring the images for a new book she is creating.

She is a wonderful daughter and has embarked on a marvelous labor of love. (Wait till you see the pictures of her dad's favorite horse....)

Monday, April 5, 2010

'Twas The Day Before Easter

Lucky! That's what I thought when I went "way out in the country" to photograph these girls and their mom. First of all, they are lucky to have each other. These three love each other with a mightly, unshakable love.

Second, they live close enough to their grandparents to be able to spend lots of time at their house "in the country". Their grandparents love them like crazy, too.

It's not as if everything is easy in life, but spending an afternoon with them, watching them, taking pictures of them, and laughing with them, I came away thinking, "Lucky!"
(Not to mention these tiny bunnies at their grandparents home!)

These are two of the sweetest girls I know.

(Now a word to their mother: you are doing a FANTASTIC job!)