Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Little Faces

Here is another project for the assisted living apartment we were setting up for my father-in-law.  The image I was working from was about 3x5 and was printed on an consumer grade ink jet printer several years ago.  Even the scan was better quality than the original image.

I wanted these two little faces to be the first thing my father-in-law saw when he walked into his new apartment.  After cleaning the image up and changing it to a soft black and white, I created two images, enlarging just the little faces of my husband and sister-in-law.

I tried two sizes, one 16x16 and the other 12x12.  While I originally planned for them to be canvas gallery wraps, I didn't like them standing away from the wall that much.  The apartment is just too small for that.  Instead, I found these frames at Archiver's in Memphis.  They are unfinished pine frames, designed to be embellished.  However, for my use, a semi-gloss black spray paint was not only quick, but also just perfect.

And yes, these little faces were the first thing he noticed when he walked into his apartment....


  1. I want to come live in Bruce's apartment---it is so STYLISH!!! I assume that he likes to lay down on the floor and read, and that is why you have a lamp on the floor to the right of the sofa. HA HA
    I know this meant the world to him to have such a homey atmosphere to come "home" to after leaving Hot Springs.

  2. Haha - Yes, that's exactly why that lamp is on the floor :-)


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