Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fabulously, Personally Vintage

 I love vintage styled photo shoots.  However, I see so many these days in which the subject is dressed totally in the photographer's props.  In some cases, the props become the focal part of the photo.  While I still love the look,  I prefer that each element in my photographs have personal meaning to my subject.

That's what made this shoot so special.  The coat, handbag, and watch were her grandmother's.  The pearls:  her great-great grandmother.  The suitcase:  ok, the suitcase is mine, but it works so well with Collierville Town Square, I just couldn't leave it behind!

The weather was gorgeous, and the resulting photographs.....I think they are personally, fabulously, vintage-inspired.
I am often asked how much editing I do on photographs.  In this case, I added a little cross-processing + a little "glamour glow", which seemed appropriate for a vintage-inspired look.  No cropping and no reality-altering-liquify or warp.  I try to get my work as accurate as possible in camera - I'm old-school like that.  Hey, that means I'm vintage-inspired, too!

I'll post the rest of the pictures to your gallery later this week.  In the meantime.....Enjoy!!


  1. AWWW! Thank you! I love them. :)

  2. Alanna, these are amazing!!!!!! You're so beautiful anyway, but these really make you shine!!! :0)

  3. Alanna,
    These are just beautiful! What a precious way to share your family treasures that mean so much to you. What a great choice of a location to photograph vintage! These are lovely pictures of you as well! SJ


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